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21 May 2018
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By default Each of project located in www htdocs folder directory are accessed by http://localhost/projectname so we want to change it http://projectname.local or whatever local domain you want, I have my site project http://localhost/sdtuts and I want to access it as http://sdtuts.local/. Open apache httpd-vhosts.conf Go you installed xampp_directory/apache\conf\extra\ open file httpd-vhosts.conf make it empty and add following

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1 May 2017
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Upgrade php version in xampp from 5.4 to 5.6

I have got issue of php version when I using #composer to install #laravel, composer says “Your php version 5.2 is out dated”. Its not difficult to update version of php and xampp. Download the latest version of xampp with latest build of #PHP version from   after the downloading

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