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30 Nov 2015
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Interview of Graphics and Web Designer Jessie Daryl Cacafranca

–About yourself Hello, I’m Jessie Daryl Cacafranca, a Designer and Front-End Developer specializing in Web Design and Digital Media. As for my first job, I did a lot of corporate designs and learned XHTML/CSS. Having experienced from my previous companies, later on I moved on to an entertainment industry with

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25 Sep 2015
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Hello, my name is Victor Fedotov Butjok, I’m Russian professional self-taught artist from Saint-Petersburg. How you come in designing field Starting from childhood I was told of being good at drawing and painting, but I didn’t think seriously of being a professional artist, I even decided to become a software

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2 Aug 2015
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Interview of Digital Artist Cyril ROLANDO-AquaSixio

My name is Cyril ROLANDO –About I am French and I live in the southern France. I am psychologist/psychotherapist, digital art is my hobby. –Do you have social profile or page? DeviantArt : Facebook : Tumblr : My website : –Some Digital ART Work Cyril Rolando

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