55 user profile design ideas

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24 Jul 2019 5:08 am

1. Artificial Intelligence Browserby Cuberto

Artificial Intelligence Browser

Artificial Intelligence Browserby Cuberto

2. Smart home appby Yi Li

Smart home app

Control and set up devices from your home on the app. Image created to EVE Images.

3. Gift-Giving App Animationby Dannniel

Gift-Giving App Animation

This is a social network app I had been working on a few months ago. I’ve created several lovely interactive animations for this project. Here is the first animation for choosing the relationship interaction. Hope you will like it!

4. Augmented Reality and Profileby Aurélien Salomon…

Augmented Reality and Profile

Some AR screens included in the Social Meet Up UI Kit for @Adobe XD Embrace the rounded corners!

5. Trunow – Mobile Appby Michal Parulski…

Trunow - Mobile App

I would like to present you some old project. It’s mobile app which help you find local deals on everything from gasoline prices to restaurants and everything in between. You can get cash back on your everyday purchases, without changing anything about how you shop and live.

6. Fishing appby YI Li

Fishing app

Plan your fishing with the smartest fishing forecast, and unlock all shared catch positions. You can also share what you got with other users.

7. Climber club appby YI Li

Climber club app

The app for amateur rock climbers that can be used to check landform by AR view or climber’s profile and credits earning.

8. MediQR — Profile & Historyby Jakub Skrzypkowski…

MediQR — Profile & History

As a doctor, it’s sometimes hard to gather all the required information about a patient’s health and treatment history. Using MediQR, you will be able to easily access this data by simply scanning your patient’s personal code with a mobile app. The purpose is to lower the risk of potentially harmful drug interactions.

9. Furniture Social App Conceptby Christian Vizcarra…

Furniture Social App Concept

Social furniture app concept. 🚀 📱 Hi everyone! this is a exploration about social app to buy and upload furniture, the idea is like a instagram but for industrial designers.

10. Podcast App – Player & Profileby Sandro Tavartkiladze…

Podcast App - Player & Profile

Podcast App-Player & Profile by Sandro Tavartkiladze for Awsmd

11. Profileby Alex Arutuynov…


Profile by Alex Arutuynov 🤘 for Hyper Lab

12. Course App – 1by Faria

Course App - 1

Course App – 1 by Faria for Hyper Lab

13. Ride App. Online search service for car travel companionsby Nastia Diadenchuk…

Ride App. Online search service for car travel companions

It’s so easy! Find your perfect trip by pointing your exact address and date. Choose who you would like to travel to and book places. Enjoy your travel!

14. Profile & Popularby CRI$$

Profile & Popular

Profile & Popular by CRI$$

15. Projects and Profileby Johny vino

Projects and Profile

Working on Mobile first design tool My recent case: Google interaction design challenge tips

16. Recipe App Design – Profile & Recipeby Jack W.

Recipe App Design - Profile & Recipe

Today I’d like to share this recipe app we’ve worked on recently. As nutrition increasingly becomes a huge part of our modern life, many have created unique and amazing cooking courses/tutorials to share with the world. This platform does exactly that. Stay tuned, guys. More is on the way…

17. Profile Album & Cameraby Filip Legierski…

Profile Album & Camera

If you want to show some love, press L. You can write a comment with your opinion too

18. Social Network App Profile Pageby Stan Nevedomsky…

Social Network App Profile Page

Social Network App Profile Page by Stan Nevedomsky for Awsmd

19. Music Player Artist Profile (Light Version)by Wahab

Music Player Artist Profile (Light Version)

Exploring music player app. It’s an experimental project. Your feedback is welcome.

20. Artist listing app designby vijay verma

Artist listing app design

Announcement: Completly switching to @Figma as my primary UI design tool 😀. I’ll share my experience with Figma soon.

21. Profile Screensby Gabe Becker

Profile Screens

This is a profile concept I was working on. All images were found on Unsplash.

22. Event Application designby Urmi Islam

Event Application design

A concept for an Event Application Design. Another visual exploration I did recently.

23. Valuable Auction: List of Products and Profileby Alex Pesenka

Valuable Auction: List of Products and Profile

Valuable Auction App. This app allows you to buy exclusive art and valuable items for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Much more screens and details soon.

24. Leafby Alberto Conti…


I’m continuing to experiment with photography profiles.

25. Profile – Radio Playlistby Luova Studio

Profile - Radio Playlist

Radio Player App UI

26. Social iOS Appby Iftikhar Shaikh…

Social iOS App

Working social app called agora more pixel share soon. Hope you all like it guys

27. Music Playerby ALEX BENDER

Music Player

Music Player by ALEX BENDER

28. Banking app dark versionby Alex Arutuynov…

Banking app dark version

Banking app dark version by Alex Arutuynov

29. Art Gallery Appby Zuairia Zaman…

Art Gallery App

Art Gallery App by Zuairia Zaman for Luova Studio

30. Hair salon appby Divan Raj

Hair salon app

Hair salon app by Divan Raj

31. Feeds And Profileby Sujeet Mishra…

Feeds And Profile

Here is a small UI from my side. Feeds and Profile Pages.. Hope you guys like it!!

32. Homestay App – Profile pageby sweetie

Homestay App - Profile page

The homepage of the homestay app is designed to provide short-term rentals for travellers. High-quality apartments provide travelers with a high-quality travel life, and feel the warmth of home even when traveling.

33. Profile and Community of Fitness Appby Dannniel

Profile and Community of Fitness App

Today I’d like to share the profile screen and the community screen of the Fitbit redesign work, or just a fitness app, since I’ve made a very different change for the profile screen compared with Fitbit, which shows what I prefer as my profile page. Hope you like it as I do, keen to hear your thoughts!

34. Instagram Profileby Ilja Miskov

Instagram Profile

The first thing you can notice is the inclusion of a dark mode. I’ve honestly been waiting for this feature to come for a long time and I think that every big app developer should let their users choose whether they want to use Night Mode or not.

35. Photographer + profile appby Taufik Ismail…

Photographer + profile app

continue the exploration today I back to again with a new concept for Photographer and profile app.

36. Blys – App Profile interfaceby Andrew McKay

Blys - App Profile interface

A few more of the Blys app this one displaying the therapists profile page and rebooking of that therapist.

37. Settings and profileby Johny vino

Settings and profile

Minimal, Bold Version of setting. My recent articles about,

38. Rewind: Player profileby Anton Yefimenko…

Rewind: Player profile

What could be more important than statistics about his perfomance? Only some essential news. But why choosing between them when we can have it all on one screen?

39. Profile Interactionsby UI8

Profile Interactions

More interaction ideas using some of the awesome components from the Brake UI Kit for Sketch & Figma.

40. Property mobile app designby Snow

Property mobile app design

I’m happy to introduce you a brand new mobile application I’m working on. This app allows you to search and book an entire property for your vacation.

41. homepage and profile screenby Cindy Chan

homepage and profile screen

homepage and profile screen by Cindy Chan

42. Player and team profile – Astralisby Pat Wasik for GR1ND…

Player and team profile - Astralis

I’m starting to create my personal project for fun, it is about eSport basic informations, events, matches, statistics. You can choose between interested platforms or games and follow your chosen content.

43. Profile Screensby Lina Bo

Profile Screens

Profile Screens by Lina Bo

44. Profile Pageby Snigdha Narayan…

Profile Page

A little sneak peek of the project I’m working on. It’s super exciting if you like hanging out with your office people. Watch out for this application to hit the stores.

45. Concept Profile Pageby Hakan Kızılkan…

Concept Profile Page

Concept Profile Page by Hakan Kızılkan

46. Cryptolytics – Coin page & profileby Daria Khimych…

Cryptolytics - Coin page & profile

Next shot from my recent project is live! Be on track with the latest news about crypto market and follow coins you’re about to invest in.

47. Profile for product design explorationby Gleb Kuznetsov…

Profile for product design exploration

Profile for product design exploration by Gleb Kuznetsov

48. Smart Home 4by Avinash Tripathi…

Smart Home 4

Smart Home 4 by Avinash Tripathi.

49. Profileby wenwenzwy


Do you have designer friends? Let us make a list to value our dear friends!How long have you talked with them? Don’t ignore them. Always spend time together.

50. Profile & Result – Breast cancerby Hasan Ŝibakhi…

Profile & Result - Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor caused by abnormal growth of the breast cells. The (Breast Cancer Project) helps in early detection of the disease, which includes a control panel, a website and an app working on sets of data, sets of questions, ( genetic factors, age, pain or secretions of the breast and other Qs are answered, and record some other data in the examinations centers, doctors, clinics, breast cancer or patient by themselves. After answering Q, a screening center or clinic is selected to assess the patient according to the system outputs.

51. User Profile Daily UI #006by Thea Cheang

User Profile Daily UI #006

Profile design including posts and projects for Daily UI #006. I’m planning to design some interactions based on this, I feel like it would really bring the design to life!

52. Profile screen design experimentby Mithun Ray

Profile screen design experiment

Profile screen design experiment by Mithun Ray

53. Dating Profile appby Ciptasmara Khan…

Dating Profile app

Dating Profile app by Ciptasmara Khan

54. Portfolio Profile Pageby Meera Rubinchik…

Portfolio Profile Page

Excited to be a part of this creative community, shoutout to Rıza Selçuk Saydam for the invite! This is a sample portfolio profile page to serve as an introduction for myself.

55. Daily UI | User profile #006by Kai Rennenberg…

Daily UI | User profile #006

On the right you see buttons to either follow or see the gallery of the profile owner. On the bottom you see location and a short about.

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