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7 Feb 2019
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Interview with Digital Artist Amaranta Gonzalez

Digital Artist – Traditional artist León, Spain I am a digital and traditional Spanish artist. I have always been linked to art in general, I would say that it comes from inheritance and although I have explored different branches of art, today I can say that in digital art I

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5 Jun 2018
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Interview with Brazilian Digital Artist – Charlliee Downson

Charlliee Downson, charliiearts About yourself I’m a digital artist, a freelancer, and I work with image #photomanipulation, retouch, book cover,cd cover. I live in Brazil! Do you have social profile or page Which is your first art work Beyond the horizonby CharllieeArts Most Popular ART Work Lady

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20 Mar 2018
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Interview with Russian Digital Artist Diana Shutka

Diana Shutka pin100 I’m just an average digital artist, working in many different fields. Now I mostly work on illustrations, 3D modeling and concept design Do you have social profile or page Artstation: Deviantart: Instagram: Facebook: Pixiv: Twitter: Tumbrl: Most Popular Digital ART

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24 Feb 2018
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Interview with Russian Digital Artist Irina

Irina Isupova I’m a digital artist, a freelancer, and I mostly work on characters and character designs. I live in Russia. Most Popular Digital ART Work of  Irina Elsa+Jack by Irina-Isupova Velvet from Tales of Berseria by Irina-Isupova  The Night by Irina-Isupova Moon-elf by Irina-Isupova Alice by Irina-Isupova Lightning by

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3 Jan 2018
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Interview with Mexican Digital Artist Angélica Flores

Angélica Flores, also known as Xiliuv I’m a 21 years old self-taught digital artist from Mexico. Art is my passion and I love fantasy art! Some of my artworks: Elven by xiliuv LoL idk by xiliuv COM: Aiden Luminous by xiliuv Captain Miss Fortune Fanart by xiliuv Lady by xiliuv

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21 Dec 2017
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Interview with Malaysian Digital Artist Jawaria Hashmi

Jawaria Hashmi ArtFurry Artist | Student | Varied Malaysia About yourself I am a Freelancer, Illustrator, Comic Artist and work Full time as Graphic Designer at a fashion company. I love to tell fictional stories via comics or sometimes I write them as short story (I am not a good

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19 Dec 2017
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Interview with Digital Artist Prywinko

Hey! My name is Olga and you can know me as Prywinko. I worked for five years in the gaming industry as an artist. Now I’m a freelancer. Popular Digital Art work of Prywinko AHRI DVA closeup by Prywinko Heilog Wallpaper#2 by Prywinko Snow by Prywinko Cirilla by Prywinko Speed

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8 Dec 2017
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Interview with Romanian Female Digital Artist – Renata Petras

My name is Renata Petras. I live in #Romania. Photomanipulation is my great passion,besides that I’m a graphic designer,but I’m not pursuing it at the moment.Hopefully one of this days,I can do what I love the most,which is graphic design as my full-time job. I live with my family and

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7 Dec 2017
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Interview with Female Slovenian Digital Artist – Nika Kovač

Nika Kovač Živjo!!!! My name is Nika Kovač I am born in Slovenija, Kranj. On DeviantArt I am known as, “enkrat” it means “once”. I am 24 years old and I practice digital arts and photo-manipulation. I am seen by family and friends as private and shy but in art

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28 Nov 2017
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Interview with Indian Digital Artist Nirman Sarkar

I am Nirman (pronounced as nir-maaan). I am an Ex-Professional artist and now Hobbyist/Freelance artist. Hi I am Nirman Sarkar & I am from India. I had worked in couple of companies where i rendered my services as an artist and as a User Interface consultant. But after retiring from

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