About SDTuts

about SDTuts

Special thanks and credits

many of resource and application used to complete SDTuts so here is list of applications and resources, I am very proudly thankful to them.


#wordpress provide to SDTuts a helpful with security Admin Panel, front-end, back-end functionality in (PHP, Javascript-jQuery, Database, Securities, alot useful and helpful #wordpress functions).

jQuery Javascript Library

We’ve used #jQuery for manythings like popup, custom #effects,  validation and more.


We’ve setup all #demos  with #codeigniter .

Twitter Bootstrap

using #bootstrap for our #demos sections..

Joost De Valk WordPress SEO 

Using SEO plugin of Joost De Valk for search engine optimization, meta description other features.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved Syntax code highlighter used to show codes in coding format.

MB Sindhi

In sindhi post section using Abdul Majid Bhurgri Sahab’s create Sindhi language keyboard called MB Sindhi.


In urdu post section using keyboard layout from URDU.CA

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