Savvy Tips for Web and Logo Designing-2019

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18 May 2019 2:55 am

It is very important to create a unique identity. Your identity is what helps people identify you in the midst of the crowd. The reason you work on your attitude, behavior and personality is to ensure it is the best for you, people around you and it helps people identify you or with you. If we were all the same, life will be boring and confusing. Unique identity goes beyond our person. We tend to express it in almost every of our actions. The idea of having a building plan is to give you a guideline on how to build a house or office. In your building plan, you have the plan on how you intend to go about constructing the different parts of the building. The reason you carefully take your time while developing the plan is because you need to ensure the difference in the parts of the buildings are obvious. This way, whoever will use that building will be able to identify the different parts of that building.

The essence of talking about building and identity is because our focus today is about building an identity. Companies try to act differently from their competition because they want to create a different impression. You may not be able to differentiate company from the other if they all have the same name. Sometimes we see companies doing the same but still try to make it different by giving it a different name or using a different approach. The essence is to make look unlike what the competition is giving. I have witnessed communication providers offer the same tariff plans on their different platforms but give it different names. Before we can talk about products and services, there are some basic things that differentiate companies from each others. They include name, motto, logo, website and the rest of them. During the course of this write-up, we will be looking at savvy tips for web and logo designing. You may have knowledge of SEO, or magento development done efficiently by an ecommerce development company but these tips will come him handy so that when you design your logo or website it will portray all your company represents.

Implement the brand

This should be the first thing to consider. You should think of what your brand is about, what it currently is and what you will like it to become. The basic and foundational features of your brand should also be present in your website and logo. From a glance at your website or logo, I should have an idea of the name of your company. Your company name cannot be” Gary’s ventures” while your website or logo has “looking good” on it. People will not even believe it is your website or logo.

Make it personal

This is very important especially as regards your logo. By coining your website out of your company name, you have made it look quite personal. For your logo however, it takes more than that. There are a number of ways to go about it. If your brand name is unique then you can go with a wordmark. If you have a general name, then you may have to design a logo in form of an image. You may want to consider the competition. This way, you will have an idea if somebody is already working with something that looks like what you have in mind.

Take into cognizance all your products and services

Your logo and website covers or should cover all your products and services. Even if you diversify greatly in terms of the kind of products and services you offer, your logo or websites should cut across them all. As per your website, you can create web pages that will lead people to the services they want and these web pages should all be linked to your official website. For your logo, you can have the official one that you can use across board. If you need to make any change, ensure that what you are working with is still very similar to your official logo. Adidas has three logos but you will identify that these products ate Adidas products because they all have the Adidas wordmark in it.

Never ignore your audience

These people are very much the highest stakeholders in terms of your website and logo designing. Designing a website or logo without having them in mind will be nothing other than chaotic. Always have in mind those people that usually make use of your products or services. This will come in handy when developing your website or logo. If your customers are people who access the internet using mobile devices, then it is inevitable that you optimize your website for mobile devices. In the case of your logo, there are more than one scenarios. You can make changes to your logo if you offer more than one service or product. The paramount thing is that they all look similar. This way, one product can sell the other by selling itself.

Pay attention to fonts and colors

One thing people do not know is that when it comes to designing, colors have meanings. This is the point where you put personal judgments aside and ask professionals questions. If you observe very well, you will observe that business oriented firms tend to go for dark colors while firms that provide leisure and entertainment go for brighter colors. This is because colors say a lot about a website or a logo. Wikipedia that sticks to black and white can afford to use any color but sticks to black and white because they convey its message across. The same goes for fonts, the only difference is that you can only use limited fonts. By limited fonts, I mean that you can only use readable fonts. Life gives me enough stress and I will not add to it by trying to identify your company name from your logo or website.

It is not a crime to borrow from the competition as long as you do it properly. You can observe what is working for them and try to improve it while you implement it. Avoid following trends as your logo or website may phase out as the trend fades away.

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