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26 May 2018
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notyjQuery Notification plugin Zebra_DialogA lightweight jQuery dialog box plugin Bootbox.jsAlert, confirm and flexible dialogs for twitter’s bootstrap framework jQuery Confirm Dialog.How to Create a jQuery Confirm Dialog Replacement Bootstrap ConfirmationjQuery plugin for Twitter Bootstrap DarkTooltipjQuery Tooltip with Confirm option and 3d effects Metro AlertjQuery Metro Alert VexBeautiful, functional, dialogs in

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13 Apr 2016

Video.js The Player Framework MediaElement.js – HTML5 video player Create The Best Video Player Experience Flowplayer · Minimal setup afterglow – HTML5 video player.png Plyr – A simple HTML5 code · Video for Everybody Video LightBox – Embed video to your website  Adding the HTML5 video player HTML5 Video –

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14 Nov 2013
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In my office where i do job, i am working on various organization’s projects  developed in wordpress and using many of plugins to complete projects sometimes i am think that i will wrote a article about plugins to users can use them on their wordpress site, to save their times

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