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16 Nov 2013
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Php convert hash into hashtags from content

Mostly the largest social networks like #facebook , #twitter , #soundcloud and other application are using #hashtag functionality to sort their data and live-feed or content. So I have wrote this  tutorial to convert # from content and convert into a #hashtag 1. Define function named sdtutshashtag with a single parameter $post_content In $post_content

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19 Feb 2012
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jQuery client side form validation

Client side Form validation in Javascript jQuery is best and user-friendly and feature in website, But server side validation is must and required for security reasons. client side form validation can save user time and filled text in fields because if a form don’t have a client side validation form

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18 Feb 2012
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jQuery CSS Dropdown menu with third level

I am sharing complete code of #jQuery drop down menu, You can easily learn from code and video and copy it and use in your free or commercial website to save time. So lets starts how to create drop down menu with #jQuery at third level of menu. First step

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