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21 Feb 2014
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PHP Select optgroup from array

I have a array that contains continent and with countries. Now we need to reorder this array. array has been reorder with continent now set select with option group

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29 Nov 2013
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this function allow you to generate random characters code,function suitable for Generate activation code for newly user account Generate shortenURL code, Generate temporary user password for changing password of account. The 10 is characters limits its generate password with 10 characters and true allow to add special characters these define

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16 Nov 2013
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Php convert hash into hashtags from content

Mostly the largest social networks like #facebook , #twitter , #soundcloud and other application are using #hashtag functionality to sort their data and live-feed or content. So I have wrote this  tutorial to convert # from content and convert into a #hashtag 1. Define function named sdtutshashtag with a single parameter $post_content In $post_content

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