Best google chrome extensions for development

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10 Dec 2016 11:55 pm

Google Page Speed

Google page speed extension used to analyse web pages and page’s media too. This extension tells page speed and suggestions to make web page fast load and light weight this extension also work for local pages from computer or localhost, Currently this extension deprecated by online version is available

Seo Moz

Moz seo Google chrome extension

SEO Moz is best extension I have personally used it for website SEO, Once install it from chrome browse and click M icon from menu it will show page’s information HTTP Status code provide by website’s Show page title, Meta Keywords,Meta Description in On-page Elements and it have and it have others tabs each tab show different data related to seo.

Google Analytics Debugger

If you are developing Google Analytics feature for website, this extension helps to you to show information, debugging  error message and events of Google Analytics in Google chrome console.

Google Analytics Debugger-chrome extension



Wappalyzer extension show you which sources are used in the website. It showing server side languages like #PHP, #Java #Ruby even this extension showing #frameworks like #Codeigniter, #Laravel, and also showing front side languages libraries like #jQuery, #AngularJS, #bootstrap. I have shared’s screenshot you can detected technologies used in web.

WAPPALYZER extension in google chrome browser

Css Shapes Editor

CSS Shape Editor is awesome extension for designer, this extension will add new tab Shapes in Styles Computed area in console, It save the time to easily define area of transparent image in layout and its change image from rectangle into circle.

Css Shapes Editor google chrome extension

Perfectpixel By Welldonecode

From past when designers slicing html from a psd or web layout image but in minor layout cannot perfectly fixed same as designed in image, because photo viewers app have own layout like title bar and status bar with different sizes, so it was hard to matching image with layout now this extension made it easy to put your layout image into browser and make layout design perfect.

Perfect pixel welldonecode chrome extension

Meta SEO Inspector

Meta SEO Inspector is inspect the page and get errors of html tags SEO meta issues  give suggestion to make them fix.

Meta Seo Inspector google chrome extension

Quick Seo – Pagerank, Backlinks & Alexa Tool

This extension have awesome features showing statistics of data like PageRank, Unique Backlinks Total Backlinks Alexa rank and other more, I share below image example of this extension.

Quick SEO - PageRank, Backlinks & Alexa Tool chrome extension

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