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26 Jan 2017
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php add prefix in largest number

This function can show shorten number from larger numbers or count. #Facebook, #twitter and more other social networks are using this method to show the followers count. Example a person or celebrity having 95,477,084 followers so through this method it will convert largest number into a small number with sign

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4 Jan 2017
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Not enough arguments for the on clause laravel

Mostly this error appear or something went wrong error showing when you are using join on #queries with join ON and multiple AND WHERE This happens to me in #laravel 5.2 version, Following code is showing error So I figure out just add ‘=’ in 2nd parameter of $RELTBLJOIN->where method

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25 Dec 2016
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List of Font Awesome content cheat sheet updated

Web Application Icons Address book fa-address-book “\f2b9”; Address book o fa-address-book-o “\f2ba”; Address card fa-address-card “\f2bb”; Address card o fa-address-card-o “\f2bc”; Adjust fa-adjust “\f042”; American sign language interpreting fa-american-sign-language-interpreting “\f2a3”; Anchor fa-anchor “\f13d”; Archive fa-archive “\f187”; Area chart fa-area-chart “\f1fe”; Arrows fa-arrows “\f047”; Arrows h fa-arrows-h “\f07e”; Arrows v fa-arrows-v

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