jQuery Javascript Detect if shift enter pressed

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4 Jul 2014 12:02 am

Sometimes we want call a function if user pressed two keys together at the same time. Like Shift+Enter, CTRL+S  more others, I wrote a little code how to call a function if user pressed two keys. copy keys name from another post Keycodes in javascript to use easily with key names.

var j  = jQuery;
    shift = 16;
    enter = 13;
    var shift_pressed = null;
    j(document).ready(function (){
        var shift_enter=null;
        j('body').delegate('.shiftenter','keydown',function (eve){

        j('body').delegate('.shiftenter','keyup',function (eve){
            var this_ele  = j(this);


            if(eve.keyCode==enter &&shift_pressed==true ){
                //here is shift+enter pressed
                //CALL YOUR CODE......


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