Download and Install WordPress

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29 Jan 2018 9:50 pm

Download WordPress

Download WordPress from

Extract file

Extract file to your projects directory htdocs for xampp or www directory for wamp with name “sdtutsblog” 

Start Apache and Mysql Services

Click on Start buttons in actions row of Apache MySql

start apache and mysql services in xampp

Create database

go to your browser and enter http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ write query  “create database wp_sdtuts_blog_tutorial” and click on go button showing in following button .

create database wp_sdtuts_blog_tutorial

create database - wp_sdtuts_blog_tutorial

Accessing Installed WordPress

go to your browser and enter http://localhost/sdtutsblog/ you will need to setup WordPress Configuration.

Adding Database information

Add database connection information for WordPress blog site I am using my local Apache settings

Database Name = wp_sdtuts_blog_tutorial

Username = root

Password =

Database Host = localhost

Table Prefix wp_
click on submit button
wordpress database configuration

Admin Account setup

Setup admin account and blog information and then click on Install WordPress, look the following screenshot.

Click on Install WordPress button

wordpress setup admin account
click on Run the install button
All right, sparky! You’ve made it through this part of the installation
click on Log In button

WordPress success admin panel setup

WordPress success admin panel setup

Preview of your WordPress Admin Panel

WordPress admin panel - dashboard screenshot
Congratulation you have successfully installed WordPress.

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